Past and present of the Berber carpets are closely linked. The village work is not characterized by a high knot density. It has a great influence on the properties of the berber teppich.

They differ from oriental beniouarain carpet. Berbers are thicker, softer and also heavier. In terms of structure, Berbers are essentially worked in the geometric knot.

Just like the manufactory carpets, which have the settings 15/15 (corresponds to 22,500 knots per square meter and is rather simple), 18/18 (corresponds to 32,400 knots per square meter), 20/20 (corresponds to 40,000 knots per square meter) to 30/30 (corresponds to 60,000 knots per square meter and is rather finely worked).

What makes the Berber Carpets from the knots special?

All Beni Ourain Marokkanische Teppiche is 100% unique. No carpet is like the other. From the well-known Beni Ourain to Zaian, the range offers a great variety of Moroccan carpet art in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

The vintage Beni OurainMarokkanischeTeppiche was made for the own use of the respective nomadic tribes and has been marketed for years.

A Marokkanische Teppiche zu verkaufen is also made as to how the knotting thread is laid out, simple (single with two pile tips), double (double with four pile tips) or triple (triple with six pile tips).

The more knitting threads in beniourain teppich, the less the Berber carpet tends to become matted. However, a Berber with three knitting threads is rarely found.

The knot density of a marokkanische berber teppiche is relatively low compared to the oriental carpet. But the appeal of a Berber lies, at least in rural work, in its originality and imaginative pattern design.

So old and older Berbers are sought-after collector’s items and therefore also absolute highlights in a living room. Worlds and times can be connected with a Berber beniouarain.

Modern art also seems to be influenced by these creative carpets. Particularly noteworth, which are derived from the name of the city of Boujad in Morocco.

Bring style and coziness in the living room:

A Marokkanische Azilal Teppiche of your choice can be the missing piece of the puzzle in terms of style and cosiness in the living room. In addition, different types of berberteppich can be brought together.

We offer an extensive selection in the category of kilim or vintage carpet. Our durable carpets offer the appropriate quality and can be used in a variety of ways. Our marokkanischeteppiche also has a special effect when combined with our accessories such as pillows or blankets.