Last week I had been messing about with Madden 20 coins and I have been wanting to start one more on the realistic side for my own team. However, I was not able to find a way that I could utilize the”Real-life roster” setting, begin after the division championship round, AND import a custom draft course to coincide with the actual draft class for this season. Is there no means? I know the import a draft class alternative comes far early in the season when you first receive the prompt to start scouting but it seems like an oversight that people can not begin a realistic franchise out of the draft following the present season finishes.

It’s possible, so long as it’s online. If you are beginning during the playoffs then I think you need to wait till free service to import your draft course, as that’s the next time scouting is an option. You should automatically get a pop up asking if you want to import a draft course, but if not it’s possible to hit L3 on the scouting screen and import/edit the draft course at any stage in this season.

For Madden 21, can we PLEASE get fresh announcers? Many other and I would likely kill to have nantz and romo from the sport. They are the best announcers from the true NFL and even tho it might be pricey they can afford it for sure. Brandon gaudin is literal garbage and he states the dumbest shit ever. What are the chances we get new ones? You mean that you don’t like hearing the completely realistic situation of a man asking another guy if pants make him look fat.and the stupid line abt spitting his apple out at halftime because they’re prepared to resume play.

New announcers but more I’d like licesnsed ESPN etc graphics for games.For their last college baseball game that they could add announcers and graphics for both ESPN and CBS. This was for the PS360 generation. NBA 2K can determine the way on mmoexp to have a number of announcer teams, with even having special guests in this generation. FIFA, a fucking EA property, has announce teams across several languages. The Madden team can get fucked.