With more than 5 million European expats in Spain, the EU free movement has enabled them to travel freely around Europe. With these perks comes with issues such as communication and sudden change of environment, on which some of the things you enjoy might not be available in the country you are about to settle in. This is where Tiekom comes to the “rescue.” “We know the feeling of moving to another place and how difficult it is to adapt to the local culture. That’s why we are here to bridge the gap between your home country and Spain with just one click.” All of Tiekom’s customer assistance are in English so that there wont be any language barriers.
We know how much you enjoy your lifestyle back at home and we can make it easier for you to settle in. Tiekom is the only telecom company that offers Unlimited calls within Spain, 4G data, now you must be thinking, these are all that the other telecom companies offer, but wait there’s more, they also offer 600 minutes free calls to other European countries. And that’s not all, Tiekom will also offer IP TV so you can enjoy your favorite shows from your home country while in Spain. With these perks, you will feel at ease in making Spain your second home.
Tiekom is also expanding its network to sustainable energy. Tiekom is committed to helping every household to use green energy that meets our day to day demands without harming our environment. It is sustainable and it does not use any fossil fuel or waste products to combat climate change. Rest assured this won’t be the last time we will hear about new innovative services from Tiekom.