Westland, MI (March 10, 2020) APS Elastomers, a leading thermoplastic elastomer supplier since 2009, recently purchased a new facility and is moving their operations from Romulus, Michigan to a larger facility in nearby Westland, Michigan. The expansion allows APS to double the volume of various thermoplastic elastomers, among the styrenic-based TPEs, TPVs and TPUs (polyester and polyether thermoplastic polyurethanes), as well as create a state-of- the- art product testing lab.

“Thanks to our customers’ steady volume increase over the past few years, we decided it was time to purchase a larger facility in order to handle our substantial growth”, says Stephane Morin.

APS Elastomers is a full-service warehousing, distribution, and technical service organization dedicated to providing TPE, TPV, TPU and other elastomer marketers and processors with all their product and technical support needs. APS Elastomers is owned and operated by two of the industry’s leading marketing and technical support executives, Roger J. Huarng and Stephane Morin; working with a series of independent technical agents located in cities throughout North America.

“The foundation of our success is our ability to source material globally from our manufacturing partners, develop new products and proprietary formulas while offering outstanding technical service; ensuring we provide quality elastomers at the most competitive pricing”, says Mr. Morin.

Company offerings include APS Elastomers’ private brand of TPEs; Viprene® TPVs, Zythane® TPUs, TPE alloys, compounding series, and custom and standard soft elastomer formulations, as well as Maxelast® TPEs.

In addition to offering exceptional thermoplastic elastomer materials (TPEs, TPVs, TPUs and other soft elastomers), APS Elastomers provides its customers and designers engineering service and technical support for many applications. “We are thermoplastic elastomers specialists whose mission remains the same; provide quick, affordable solutions with high performance results”, says Roger Huarng.

For more information on TPEs for conventional, unique or highly durable applications, contact: sales@apstpe.com