In order to set up a clean and effective platform for your business call handling strategies, MsgClub has introduced an exceptional feature of Missed call alert service. Businesses can maintain a solid real-time database by implementing our cloud-based system. MsgClub offers its clients a huge range of active missed call numbers through its innovative cloud-based system, thus making it one of the best options as a Missed call service provider. Any business can improve its leads generation process with this advanced service. There are practically vast applications of this service for voting, lead generation, and feedback purposes.

What is MsgClub’s Missed call service?

MsgClub’s Missed call alert service is a completely web-based application that is primarily devised to get the real-time notifications of all the calls on either mobile number or toll-free number and also to generate faster leads for the businesses as well. The service adds more value to the process of promotion of business services as well as the products. The alert service can generally be used in the opt-in process, verification, polling, voting, customer feedback, lead generation and call back services.

How does it work?

Using the Missed call alert services is extremely easy and appropriate for all types of businesses. It involves the following steps to connect any business with this excellent promotion service.

After associating with a service provider and employing its cloud-based service, businesses need to select a 10-digit missed call number, making it the official number of their brand.

Once they own a business number, it can be used for promotion purposes.

Voice call services

A bulk voice call is an elementary technique for communication that allows you to transmit pre-recorded voice messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients in a few minutes. These bulk audios are often used for community alerts, reminders, notifications and business promotions.

Applications of the Missed call alert service

Call back services

While using the missed call alert feature for call-back services, the customer’s call gets disconnected after a ring and a real-update of the call is sent to the admin panel. The database will be updated automatically with the contact number of the customer. After that businesses can revert them in order to resolve their issues regarding any product or services. And they can assure the customers that they’ll receive the call-back from the support team to assist them with their pertaining issue.

Polling and Voting

A lot of TV reality shows are utilizing this alert service for voting purposes in order to engage with their audience. It’s the easiest way to know the desires and likes & dislikes of the audience. Furthermore, Political parties also use this service to run their election and polling campaigns to determine the voter’s support. Supporters can give a missed call on the candidate’s missed call number, and the relevant political parties can see the details in their database.

Gathering Customer Feedback

Businesses crave the feedback of their customers in the interest of enhancing their products and services according to their needs. Missed call alerts help them in doing so and learn the expectations & feedback of the customers.


MsgClub’s goal, being a voice call & missed call service provider, is to seamless services to its clients. Our alert service is an efficient and pocket-friendly way for any business to advertise their services and products. It draws the audience and keeps the communication running with them. And it undoubtedly improves the market reputation of the businesses and provides leverage over the business competitors.