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Italian cuisine is one of the best known worldwide. We all love pizza, pasta, and many more items from Italian cuisine but do we know what are the most typical dishes of Italian cuisine?

Of all the culinary delights that Italy offers us, we have selected the best items of the most traditional in Italy, so that you become experts in Italian cuisine. If you want any type of Italian food products, you will get on We are one of the leading Italian Private Label Suppliers.

The recipes of Italian cuisine:


It is usually served as an antipasto, as a snack, or as a main course. It is light, healthy and very simple to make. Here the key is to use the right ingredients. We advise buying Italian products

To accompany the Caprese, vegetables or whole wheat bread are usually incorporated. To prepare it, the tomatoes are washed and cut into horizontal slices.

A very useful trick is to put the tomatoes on paper towels so that they absorb water. Again, mozzarella is cut into slices that are a little thick.

In a bowl, add 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil along with salt and pepper, sometimes also oregano, and you can start to assemble. First a slice of tomato, a brushstroke of oil, a slice of mozzarella, again a brushstroke with oil and start over. In the end, to increase the flavor, it is recommended to sprinkle some oregano.

Meat lasagna:

It is one of the most entrenched dishes in Italy, in fact, families usually take it on Sundays as their first dish and a reason for celebration.

One of its curiosities is that despite being a meat lasagna, it also carries vegetables such as onions, carrots, and celery. After washing and cutting them, they are browned in the pan, then the minced meat is poured and mixed well for 15 minutes.

When the flavors have been mixed well, add the tomato sauce and leave about 40 minutes. On the other hand, 4 eggs are boiled and when they are ready, they are cut into dice, and the same is done with the mozzarella. We recommend buying cheese only from leading Italian Cheese Supplier.

To assemble the lasagna, a rectangular container with a certain depth is used so that the layers remain. First the lasagna pasta, second the mixture of meat and vegetables with tomato, third the eggs and mozzarella and fourth, striped cheese sprinkled on top. To give it a more intense flavor, the last layer is usually covered with Parmesan cheese.