The new quality assurance scheme for advocates shows that there is a growing concern about the quality of criminal advocates in England and Wales. This is why James M. Corbett provides general knowledge about the fundamental qualities an advocate must possess in order to practice law in the Criminal Justice System. His book The Criminal Advocate. An Analysis of their Qualities and their Situation in the Criminal Justice System ( has been released as a reviewed version at GRIN in February 2020.

Criminal advocates make a major contribution to our society. They must be able to act in their clients” best interests and act out in court with full emotion so they can convey their stories much more effectively and be more convincing. But what are a criminal advocate”s most important qualities? And how can these qualities be improved for stakeholders in the criminal justice system? In his book The Criminal Advocate (, James M. Corbett explains how a judicial process works in practice.

An educational book for anyone who may have to attend court

Unlike the normal everyday interactions that occur between people on a social level, the courtroom environment has a distinctive feature not present in everyday conversations. This is a system of control which consists of a judge who plays the role of a referee to oversee turn taking, to monitor the substance of what is discussed and resolve complex problems. But a judge may not always be able to keep check on the advocates” qualities. So it is important that advocates” qualities constantly be improved. Corbett addresses with his book “The Criminal Advocate” anyone who is studying law or who is thinking of studying law for the first time. His book is reassuring to victims of crime and anyone who may have to attend court for any reason. Corbett equips us with the necessary knowledge to help through an experience in court.

About the author

James M. Corbett did his Master”s degree in Criminal Litigation. During his time at Law school he developed a high understanding of the criminal sector as well as an awareness of future developments in this field. The topic of his book is current because advocates have a great responsibility in our society, so they should have the right qualities to do a good job.

The reviewed version of this book has been released at GRIN in February 2020 (ISBN 978-3-346-04581-2).

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