Canada 03.03.2020. The power of ceramic coating is considered to be a viable option for many car owners. Every car owner wants their car’s surface to shine brightly just like the day it was brought home from the showroom. However, it is a real challenge to maintain a car in that condition with no scratches and dents for years after years. In spite of the endless efforts of cleaning and washing and maintaining the car, the paint begins to fade away from the sun and all the chips and stains spread to the exterior. While a car is running on the road, it is constantly being hit by mud, stone-chips, invisible brake dust and other particles. Washing and cleaning a car is a real monotonous job and tiring too.

Automatic car washes, wax coating are available in the market which is often used to protect the car’s surface but they don’t last long. Here is where the application of ceramic coating and paint protection film comes in. Wrap District is a popular supplier of these products which is used to protect the car’s surface.

The ceramic coating utilises nanotechnology which involves essential tiny particles which form a fine, thin layer that is invisible to the eye. Being extremely tiny in size, these nanoparticles seal all the pores thus make the surface of the coating hydrophobic in nature and they are also resistant to UV rays, chemicals, scratches and immense heat. The ceramic coating is also transparent. The ceramic coating repels dirt and water very efficiently and is very easy to clean.

Another type of protection provided by Wrap District for cars is paint protection film which is a thermoplastic urethane applied on the surface of new or used cars that protects the car from any kind of external damage. Paint protection film can be installed in several ways in a car. To know more, visit: