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Aragonite is a natural renewable type mineral occurs in large numbers in the sea shores of the great Bahamas region. It has its own unique properties and has only small traces of other elements. Oolites act as the base for the formation of aragonite. It is the small egg-shaped particles forms in the tropical marine water areas. It is unique in nature, oolitic shaped, smooth and colourless.

Calcium Carbonate
Aragonite is a type of sand available mostly in the Bahamas region. It is a mineral consists of mostly carbonate ions and hence qualified as one of the three pure forms of calcium carbonates. The other two are calcite and vaterite which has the same chemical formula but a different structure. This aragonite mineral naturally occurs from the biological and chemical processes in marine and freshwater environments. In the Bahamas region of the United States, millions of tons of aragonite mineral are accumulated long years ago based on certain conditions. These are now permitted to export for any kind of commercial needs

Aragonite – Premier Pure Form of Calcium Carbonate
Aragonite is one of the three natural crystal forms of calcium carbonate. This natural mineral formed through biological and chemical processes in sea and freshwater environments. It occurs mostly in the island nation of the Bahamas and looks like white sand. Its unique physical properties make it as premier source calcium carbonate than the other two crystal forms namely calcite and vaterite. The traces of other elements identified in this mineral are very low and so it is also called the 100% pure calcium carbonate.

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