We often get confused while making the decision on which model or brand to prefer when you are looking to purchase any equipment. Here in the case if you want to purchase a projector with multiple features then you must a look on Casio newly launched projector “Projector XJ-UT351W”.

Let have a look on the main features projector that makes standout in crowd.

– The model is XJ-UT351W Luminous

– With intensity: 3500

– Has natural resolution: 800 * 1280

– With Weight: 5.7 kg

– Having Contrast ratio: 1: 20,000

All these features make it a great purchase for your company, school or auditorium.

It’s a revolution in the world of projectors with one must have for better visual experience as it is based on Blue Laser and Red Led enlightenment technology.

Just review its other specifications to get a better view of its specifications.

· It has lifetime of the enlightenment unit of 20,000 hours

· With a feature of automatically correcting the intensity of illumination under ambient conditions

· Integrated with DLP Projection Technology

· With 1 * USB connection for playback without Computer with DISK ON KEY

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