Are you looking for better traffic to your blog? Do you need increased optimization for your content? Then SEO advertisements could be what you are looking for.

The beauty of online marketing lies in the fact that it allows small businesses to promote their brands without having to spend any money, with the help of free classified ads.

Whether you have a small business or a startup, or if you are an individual owning a blog, you can benefit from classified SEO ads, and not only use them to increase your visibility but also get better revenue.

This blog talks about all the aspects of classified SEO. We will also look into how SEO for classified websites can bring more eyeballs to websites and blogs.

What are Classified SEO Ads?

You must have seen classified advertisements in newspapers. When such ads are posted on online media like news portals, e-magazines, blogs etc., they are referred to as classified SEO ads. They are not only cheaper than other forms of advertising, but they are often free for use, and can be a great way to increase the visibility of your blog or your brands.

How can classified ads help you?

The most common use of classified ads is in optimizing the traffic on the website or blog. But the use of classified ads must be done smartly so as to get the best benefit out of it.

Website traffic is not a static target, and is more like flowing water. Promotional activities must be smartly done so that they can result in improved sales and better profits. You can target better website traffic if you go in for paid classified ads, but that is difficult if your funds have dried up. Free classifieds are then the best way out.

When you use free classified ads you have twofold benefits. You do not need to pay anything, and you can start getting the results of your ads almost immediately.

The Different Aspects of a Classified Ad

Any classified ad usually has three distinct parts. The first is the headline of the ad. This is the most important part because this is the part which draws the visitor’s attention and gets him to read the actual copy of the ad. The next part is the actual body of the advertisement. This is where the details of the product, service, or specific offer are provided. The last part of a classified ad is a call to action with a button like ‘Click Here to Buy’ or ‘Sign Up today’. It could also include pertinent contact details or a simple button like ‘Contact Us’. Every classified ad would have its own unique features, but this is the standard structure that almost every ad has.

The Use of Classified Ads in SEO

Most digital marketers use classified ads to bring in prospects who can become likely leads to future revenue. These ads often result in a greater number of clicks, and can also result in the viewer navigating back to your website. If your ad has been posted with backlinks to your website then the results can be seen almost immediately after the ad is posted.

This is the reason SEO specialists like the use of classified ads so much. These ads are a simple way to reach out to prospects and convert them into customers. The content within these ads needs to be written smartly so that the messaging is clearly conveyed to potential customers. The content must be written with one eye also on search engines so that you can get higher ranks on search engine results pages.

This is the best use of classified ads in SEO. Whether you are using a free ad or a paid one, the classified ad can help your webpage or blog get indexed on search engines, which in turn helps your SEO efforts.

Benefits of Classified SEO Ads

Let us take a look at some of the specific benefits you can get if you use classified SEO ads.

Ease of Use: Most users of internet browsing on their mobile phones instead of their desktops or laptops. This makes classified SEO ads very easy to use. These ads also show up easily on searches, which makes it easy and convenient for the marketer as well.

Economical: You can pay for classified ads if you wish to. But there are a number of free classified ad options available. This makes such ads a very economical way to promote your brands, products, and services.

Fast: A big benefit of classified SEO ads is that they can be created and deployed in very little time. When you compare that to the process for posting offline ads in traditional media, the end to end cycle is much longer.

Location neutral: The biggest difference of classified SEO ads with conventional ads is that these ads are not limited by geography. A company in Japan which inserts a classified SEO Ad would have its ad seen by internet users in Europe as well. That makes it possible for a company to expand its sales footprint to several countries at the same time.

Better traction: Finally, the biggest benefit of classified SEO ads is that they help in improving the engagement on your website or blog. A visitor might come to your website attracted by your ad, but while there, he or she might navigate to other parts of the website as well.

While we discussed classified ads and what their benefits are, there are some things which need to be kept while using them. Let us look at three important aspects.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind

While good content in classified ads helps to get traffic to the website, the opposite also holds true. If the content is not up to the mark, it can drive people away from the website before they have had a chance to browse all the sections of the website.

Too much of a good thing is often bad. You need to ensure that you also optimize the frequency of classified ads, otherwise, it becomes akin to spamming. People will then start avoiding the website.

Like any content, not just the quality but also the accuracy is important. The classified ad must not only have informative content, but the information it contains should not have false data or wrong details.


Classified SEO ads are one of the simplest ways of promoting your business and your brands. They can be done for free as well. They are a convenient way to stand out among all your competitors.

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