I decided to play with a self-evident Dark Pact Berserker. Making use of both Cloaked and Vaal Pact in Savagery trivializes much poe currency of the material, and also the harm is a lot higher than the totem variant. This one is not as cheap to prepare, but it’s an absolute joy to farm , and may be my new favourite construct. I’m likely to try Scion variations and the self-evident Occultist . I have a problem with making new characters.

The skeleton variant has not been tried by me, nor do I intend to. I’ve got a little bit of experience using it, and I will discuss why I have no intention to produce the construct further down.

The Totem Variant is the only I have spent the most time on. As my character, and also the one I funded, I used it to clear a lot of the end game maps. It was my first map farmer that is Tier 11 and 12, which it did with no difficulty. The construct is exceptional both funded and unfunded, mostly because of how secure you are while playing it.

They permit you to stand obliterated and back, which adds a whole lot of inherent survivability. Totems may also occasionally pull aggro for you, which means that you don’t have to dodge–simply cast totems, and you are all set. The reason is that you make use of a Stone Golem. He provides additional regeneration, but the Stone Golem also uses a taunt, pulling against enemies away from you. Just another way to sit back and not have to worry about getting hit. You have quite a great deal of regeneration, and utilize Mind over Matter. This makes you’ve got a health pool, and not be forced to use potions.

The playstyle of this Totem Variant construct is rather straightforward. You shed a totem, run close to a bunch of monsters, and keep running. The damage in the totems and the huge place to buy poe exalted orbs is more than enough to wipe all but the most powerful packs. The very clear speed is great for the build, prior to the boss. The boss itself is a little harder.