Ultimate Ear, makers of custom earplugs, offers Industrial-strength earplugs that reduce noise levels and protect workers from hearing loss.

[Orpington, 28/02/2020]- Ultimate Ear, makers of custom earplugs based in Orpington, designs industrial-strength earplugs that provide varying levels of attenuation, reduce noise levels, and protect workers from hearing loss.

In adherence to the Control Noise at Work Regulations of 2005, the company has designed and developed custom earplugs that suit specific noise levels in different industries. They conduct noise surveys to ensure the correct level of attenuation so no worker is underprotected or overprotected.

Enabling Communication

The custom earplugs reduce loud noises to the right levels so employees can still communicate with one another face-to-face or using their radios. The earplug makers also offer modern communication systems equipped with the newest bluetooth technology.

Custom Comfort

The success of custom-made earplugs is evident with how they fit the employees’ ears. Their eight-stage impression process ensures the earplugs are a good match for the work. Audiologists either visit the site or are consulted in their own office for the impression taking. These impressions are kept in their Kent manufacturing plant, making ordering replacements easier. The company conveniently operates around the UK.

Safety First

The custom earplugs take a maximum of 14 days to manufacture, ensuring the delivery of hearing-safe operations in the least amount of time. Their products are manufactured in anti-microbial medical grade silicone. They also offer a free trial for industrial clients on a sale or return basis.

About Ultimate Ear

Ultimate Ear was established in 2001 and has since grown to become the leading manufacturer of quality custom earplugs that offer premium protection and support clear communication. All their products are made through a mixture of digital and manual means in their ISO accredited laboratory. All their earplugs meet the European standards EN352-2 and EN253-3.

To learn more about Ultimate Ear’s services, visit their website at https://www.ultimateear.com.