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When choosing a pool pump, many questions arise that may end up aborting the option to buy the ideal pump for our pool. In this quick guide, we will show you which pump you should choose to obtain a better performance

How do I know which pump is ideal for my pool?

Let’s first see what characteristics the pump should have that we must choose to obtain optimum performance in the filtration system of our pool.

Within those pumps such as Hayward tristar pump that meet our needs, we will see other factors that will affect the best performance, but the main thing will be to obtain a filtration in line with the volume of our pool and the filter we use in our system.

The first thing we should consider is the volume or capacity of our pool. The filtering process that is usually taken as a reference is the one that lasts 6 hours.

Having the volume of our pool, and the duration of the standard filtration process, we are going to see what pumping capacity we need so that all the water in the pool passes through the water purification and cleaning system in those 6 hours.

Minimum pumping capacity required = Pool volume / filtration duration

The importance of compatibility with the pool filter:

Apart from the pumping capacity of the pump itself, we must take into account that the filter and the Hayward Ecostar pump must be compatible in terms of performance so that the filtration is correct and there are no mishaps in these elements in the future.

In principle, to obtain good compatibility, what we must take into account is that the Hayward pool pump has a pumping flow equal to or less than the filtration flow that the filter admits, always maintaining similar values.

In case of having a pumping capacity greater than the filtration rate of the filter, the water that is pumped per hour will not fit in the filter and therefore both elements will workforce, reducing the filtration performance and producing technical problems in the future.

If the pumping is less than the filtration capacity of the filter, the filtration using Hayward super pump will be done correctly, but we will be wasting part of the filter and therefore, needing more time to filter when we could reduce this and improve the performance.