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Sourcing unique and interesting gifts for cyclists can be a tricky undertaking for many people as, more often than not, it can be difficult to second guess exactly what the prospective recipient may like. This situation can be can be doubly tricky If you also don’t know them particularly well, such as a work colleague, as it involves a certain degree of speculation in order to second guess what may or may not hit the spot. However, if you know that the person you’re buying for has a particular interest in cycling, then by selecting a piece of personalised art that reflects both their particular passion and personality, you will greatly increase the likelihood of giving them an individual gift that will put a smile on their face.

A personalised cycling print isn’t just any kind of gift; as it enables you to create something unique and memorable. There is also a wide range of designs for both male and female riders which would make a stylish addition to their feature wall or pain cave.  

The best thing about personalised cycling prints is the fact that they can be configured by the customer to create the perfect gift for any cyclist. So if you have been looking for something different to give to your cyclist then (Gumo) is the perfect place to visit. The easiest platform to purchase them through is via Their store is the ideal destination for anyone looking for unique presents for cyclists via their collection of personalised bike art.

Alongside their range of personalised work, other prints and cycling related giftware is available, including a special commission service which can be arranged with the designers on request. So please drop by and visit their store today and take a look at their collection or get in touch to discuss your special project. Gumo has a very good reputation for its friendly and efficient customer service and will quickly answer your queries. So why not visit their store today to check out their complete collection. You are welcome to contact them via email or phone number, both of which are available on their site.

About Gumo

Based in Staffordshire, England, Gumo was originally set up in 2010 by design partners Sally Guy and Andrew Morris, who both graduated with MA qualifications in Design. Their designs reflect their love of cycling and for mid century design and illustration. All of their prints are produced in-house using archival quality paper & inks and they ship worldwide from their studios in the UK.