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Many individuals, who call themselves Christians, visit church on a regular basis on weekdays or even on Sundays. But just visiting church doesn’t build their relationship with God. To build that good thing, a person needs to change his life for good.

As a Christian, you must understand that you were gifted a good life in Christ and became a new conception altogether. Your spiritual state has ceased to live. You have been specified a fresh and innovative moral and spiritual life. When you spend moment understanding each sentence in the Bible for yourself with the goal to change your life for good and learn how to role on earth as a creature of god, your life will become three things.

When citizens see your stubborn dedication to keep God’s message in your heart and to breathe an enduring attachment to His provision, it will absolutely catch the attention of their thought for the reason that they’ll see dissimilarity in you. That variation is what will build them want to be near you.

If you, in a precise approach, give to others at what time they are in require God will persuade the hearts of others to facilitate fulfil your idea, dreams and principle when you need.

About Lighthouse Church

Since 2009, Lighthouse Church is flourishing and today church members attend weekly services, programs and actions to the community. The church’s mission is to implement programs to assist people cope with life problems and live a happy life. Keion Henderson is the founder of The Lighthouse Church of Houston and as a Pastor he is committed to brilliance and providing god’s message to community and change people’s life for good. He is also considered as the man with most motivating qualities and helping people by sharing the Gospel around the world.

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