When you are looking to rent a yacht, you have to look at the number of seats, the minimum size of the boat needed in relation to performance objectives, your navigation skills, the size of the budget, the age of the boat and finally. But not least, the brand of the ship.

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To select the ideal rental yacht charter Mykonos, you must take into account the following criteria:

– The number of cabins or bunk beds, as well as the number of bathrooms and showers. This, of course, depends on the number of people in your crew

– foot height or headroom under deck – foot size is often the maximum height under the deck, and especially on boats under 35 feet that can present a problem if someone in your company is quite tall.

– Some of the sailing destinations have a minimum size of the boat due to winds and waves so take note of it.

– The longer the yacht charter Corfu, the higher the maximum speed – a 50-foot yacht has a speed of 30% greater than one of 30. Older sailboats have larger sails.

– The navigation skills of you and your team, a larger yacht is much harder to maneuver in ports or anchorages than a smaller one. Navigation capabilities are also vital in case of strong winds.

– Luxury in relation to quality – this is where you have to decide if you prefer a sailing yacht with good features or a heavier motor yacht charter. This depends on whether you consider sailing more like a sport or leisure activity.

– The budget – for example, a 50-foot rental yacht is only 1.4 times longer than a 35-foot boat, but it can often be 2 times more expensive to rent. In this case, you should find the perfect combination between the size of the sailboat which depends on the number of people on your team and your budget.

– You can choose between charter a bareboat since that depends on your preferences and your experience with navigation. But whatever your interest, experience or preference, here at all4yachtcharter, we offer you a service designed according to your wishes.