When your late model dump truck develops a problem and you need replacement parts, Crawford Truck is the right dealer to find the right items, particularly if your vehicle is older than most on the roads these days, is a high-end make or model, or is one that you don’t see in your area of the country very often. You will find that Crawford Truck is best place to buy new or used Jerr-Dan towing equipment today.

Crawford Truck is the premier tow truck dealer on the east coast featuring Jerr-Dan Tow Trucks and tow truck parts for sale. In addition to new tow trucks for sale, Crawford Truck also has a large inventory of used tow trucks and an extensive amount of wreckers in Massachusetts.

Crawford welcomes you to explore all types of truck parts and supplies from their stock. Whether you are towing or moving sports cars, motorcycles, or any damaged vehicles, excellent tow trucks available at Crawford allows you to experience the superior performance with uncompromising standards of the industry-level toughest, most reliable wreckers.

At Crawford Trucks, you can also find thousands of Jerr-Dan parts, accessories and Tow Truck For Sale. Crawford regularly maintains its stock to meet timely demands of valued customers.

Crawford Truck offers a full line of Jerr-Dan’s products for your towing and recovery work, with options of Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Carriers and Wreckers. Here you can also sell or stock all types of equipment such as chains straps ratchets, snatch blocks and other replacement parts for your truck as per your need.

Since the team at Crawford Truck buys everything directly from manufacturer in wholesale they offer you the parts and supplies at the best possible price in quickest delivery time. They believe in repeat business, therefore they always take care of 100% customer satisfaction.

Located at 2176 Main St, Lancaster, MA 01523, Crawford Truck offers new and used Wreckers for sale. They are the authorized BRI-MAR and BWISE Dealer.

About Crawford Truck:

Whether you are towing damaged vehicles, sports cars, or motorcycles, tow trucks at Crawford Truck allows you to experience the superior performance and uncompromising standards of the industry’s toughest, most reliable wreckers. Crawford Truck stocks thousands of Jerr-Dan parts and accessories to meet customer’s timely demands. They repair all makes and models of towing equipment.