Responsive Web Design Tips and Tricks for 2019

Web searches have significantly moved from the traditional mediums like desktop computers and laptops to smarter devices like smart-phones, tablets and even smart TVs. Nowadays, More than 80% of the internet usage is carried out through mobile devices. And the usage of desktop has dropped down by 16% in the last year.Deciding on a site layout that is responsive and yet simple is designers in hyderabad

If your website isn’t responsive yet, it’s high time that you invest in making it into one. The investment is worth every penny. Here’s some tips to how you can make your website responsive:

Design with Responsiveness in Mind

If your website has been created on Word-press, all you need to do is shift to a mobile friendly theme. It’s quite simple and someone with little technical knowledge can do it easily. However, if you had invested in HTML/CSS designs earlier, it’s time to ask your designer to create a wire frame that integrates mobile responsive interfaces. This will mean creating a simple site layout in HTML with least menu and navigation options. Fancy Flash elements and JavaScript is advised to be kept to the minimum.freelance web designers in hyderabad

Choose the Right Layout

Fixed? Fluid? Adaptive? We don’t know what works best for you?Fixed layout restricts the width of a site to certain number of pixels. normally, designers set the number to 960 pixels.

Beware of Navigation

Incase If your website have more navigation menu option, then show them on single icon with drop down menu list. It makes more user interactive your website on mobile devices.

Keep your Content useful and Simple

Pay special attention to the content in your website. You have an option of adding more content in desktop, so people stuff more content in their website which is a bad practice. Concentrate on the content and features that are the most important for your website that gives a user the exact information they are looking for.low cost website designing

In the responsive era, content has become more important than ever. While working on responsive sites, you need to put in deep thought on including effective text, scalable images and possible layout hierarchy. You need to re-imagine everything.

Use Flexible Images
Adaptive re-sizing and screening can be integrated with your images to be consistent across devices and platforms. Sizing of the images is also crucial if you are aiming to achieve quick loading. Some webmasters also store multiple images for several break points. However this isn’t quite advisable as it would consume a lot of bandwidth.


Choose a font for your site. Stick to one font family throughout the site. You should consider the curves, strokes and other factors of the font. You could choose either plain texts with even stroke width or curved texts with thick and thin stroke width. Its designer’s concern.low cost web design in hyderabad

Keep It Simple

A clean design with short, focused copy and optimized images will make your site easier to use and speed up load times. Avoid too many bells and whistles which may distract from your message and the user’s experience.