Delaware – 25th November 2019-Nothing makes a more compelling case for choosing a brand for its products and services than an effective helpdesk system. Centered around providing a seamless experience to customers right from the time they make contact with the brand to the period during which they expect infallible customer care service, helpdesk platform can make a brand outmaneuver its competitors and establish itself as a tour de force in commerce market. To put companies into driving seat and let consumers experience excellent communication with the brand, Wowdesk brings a sum of various components-flexibility, unique user-friendly approach and omni-channel communication thread for redefining the resolution process.

By blending the powerful workflow engine with the cross-channel automated digital technology, Wowdesk has established itself as possible the best Zendesk alternative that market has to offer to in present scenario. Coalescing various communication channels-social media messages, e-mails, calls, texts, live chats etc.- Wowdesk brings all consumer requests at one place resulting in more ironed out process and better levels of customer satisfaction.

As a much-sought after Zendesk alternative helpdesk platform, Wowdesk has an unambiguous line of action to reach the resolution in minimum possible time. Starting from listening to the customers and their issues, we analyze the query/complaint for best possible solution and engage with the customer to take the problem to a satisfying end. Moreover, in order to establish a baseline of performance, we measure executive-team performance along with the extent to which customers are satisfied.

Our product-palette consists of Wowdesk, Wowchat, Wowsurvey, and Wowmobile which can cater to the industry across any vertical no matter how complex its underlying operational factors are. Additionally, to instill confidence in our clients, Wowdesk platform offers 30 days free trial with no strings attached to let our users be the judge of its exemplary performance.

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