PALM BEACH, FLA. – One of South Florida’s leading financial institutions, US Fund Source, has announced today their plans to continue their skyrocketing growth after a record-breaking year.

Principal of the company, Dennis Ryan, is ecstatic to continue leading his team towards increasing success, serving business funding for small business owners in 2020, as 2019 closed out with the highest approval ratings in company history. Ryan stated that the company recorded the highest record number of accounts funded in Q3 and Q4, as funding exceeded nearly 940%, compared to their 2018 fiscal year numbers. This was achieved by gaining new customers and entering into diversified marketing strategies, as well as maintaining relationships with highly satisfied and repeating small business clients.

“In 2020, we are optimistic that we will generate and fund more Small Business Loans than ever before, due to economic growth and newly introduced financial technology platforms,” stated Ryan in his board meeting this morning. “Our credit line products for small businesses have expanded tremendously, and trends point towards huge increases in originations moving forward.”

US Fund Source’s Unsecured Business Credit Line is one of the companies top selling financial products. This loan instrument gives borrowers flexibility, as well as immediate access to the funding needed with no restraint on the timing of with-draw. Additionally, this enables businesses to repay and draw replenished funds as necessary, and clients will only pay interest on the amount they use and for how long they use it.

US Fund Source maintains an average approval percentage at 97%. Applicants can qualify within 24 hours, and up to $5,000,000.00 can be deposited to them within the same time frame.

“Our company is proud to provide clients with a corporate-level team of advisors who are always keeping up with market trends, remaining a constant eagerness to learn, and therefore improve. We continue to excel in our training programs in order to ensure the highest level of customer service and provide the best possible plan for clients’ funding. US Fund Source takes passion in realizing that each client is different and that we have a unique way of putting together ‘Tailor-Fitted Financial Solutions.’ When provided with buyer context about what is specifically needed to achieve financial growth and stability within a company, our system generates an approval outcome than traditionally favors the borrowers/businesses’ requests and sets our companies up together as partners developing prosperous futures. The funding methods we are using are raising the bar in private business lending.” Ryan explained.

About US Fund Source

US Fund Source, an A+ Accredited Better Business Bureau company, is a private lender in Palm Beach, Florida, that focuses on financial technology loan originations. The company’s portfolio of loan products and advisory services go well beyond the scope of those provided by traditional banks. US fund source has facilitated tens of thousands of businesses requiring flexible financial plans that match their clients’ needs. For more information about US Fund Source, its services, and its partners, one can always visit or their social media.


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