Literally Zero Words is a digital experience that uses emojis, flags, and interactive maps to navigate photography of 29 countries around the world. Created by a Canadian traveler during his adventurous journey around the world and fueled by his passion to break through linguistic bias on the internet.

Literally Zero Words is an interactive experience with zero words. The minimalist website contains only emojis, flags, and interactive maps to navigate an experience to display the natural beauty of landscapes, as well as architecture and cities founds in various parts of the world. Literally Zero Words is a project of Tal Braiman, a travel photographer, who has visited over 40 countries in the last four years.

Tal Braiman, the Literally Zero Words creator, said that he is excited about the launching of the world’s first website with zero words. “I’m very excited about this project that aims to remove linguistic bias and break through linguistic barriers. My aim is for anyone, regardless of language, to have an equal shared experience on Literally Zero Words, even if they only speak Hungarian, Mongolian, or Swahili. People can explore different galleries and emojis. Visitors might learn a new flag, discover a whole new country, or see their hometown in great beauty.”

Tal explained that the Literally Zero Words is an experiment that he created with his photo collection to explore new ways of displaying information and art without relying on language. The dominance of English on the internet makes it difficult for non-English speakers to access the same information.

The experience currently features 38 regions within 29 different countries around Europe, Asia, and North America. The experience will expand alongside Tal’s travel, and new content will be added as his travels take him there. He aims will soon be in Sri Lanka and Georgia, and plans to explore South America at the end of this year, and Africa in 2021.

Photos are worth a thousand words, and Literally Zero Words is a platform that amplifies the words that the photographs are saying. Welcome to the manifestation of the world through Tal’s lens.

About Tal Braiman

Tal Braiman is a photographer and globetrotter. His passion for photography and meeting new people have inspired him to travel the world, visiting over 40 countries in the last 4 years. His passion includes maps, flags, photography, travel, and breaking through linguistic barriers. Literally Zero Words is where all of his passions converge. For more information, please visit


Tal Braiman