India is a country with a prosperous cultural heritage, auspicious ancient traditions, and full of enthusiastic and lively citizens. Indian citizens love to show their happiness, culture, and traditions on any special occasion by a grand celebration. The prominent example is an Indian Wedding, and there is nothing out there in the world like a big fat Indian wedding.

As India is a land of diverse languages, religions, cultures, and traditions, each and every different state bears individuals with different cultures and traditions. However, when it comes to the occasion of a traditional Indian wedding, rose petals garland for the wedding hold an incredibly significant value be the wedding in any religion, culture, or tradition.

According to Indian Mythology, the god and goddesses bear floral orchid garland as a symbol of purity and auspiciousness. So, from the ancient times, the flowers are in demand for their fragrance as well as their splendor. Be the fresh flowers in the form of garlands, lose flowers, gajra, or a floral bouquet, flowers are inevitably important for any occasion.

If the wedding is a destination wedding or it is difficult to obtain fresh flower garlands due to any unavoidable circumstances, one can even opt for artificial flower garland. The artificial flowers look very similar to the real ones, and also, there are many benefits of such artificial flower garlands.

They Are Easy To Transport
Less Fragile
Can Last For A Longer Period
Light Weighted

One can preserve them as a memory of the big day.
Nowadays, there is a trend of hiring a wedding planner who takes care of planning for the entire wedding. From the venue to the decorations and from the food to be served at the wedding to the music to be played, everything is taken care of by the wedding planner. The decorations include the venue decorations as well as the floral arrangements, and even managing of the jasmine flower gajra for the guests.

For those individuals with a large family, and with all the over energized family members who are more than happy to help at the wedding, generally do all the work without a wedding planner. These people can either get petals garland from their regular florists, or one can even order online. Depending on the color scheme at the venue and the color of the costumes worn by the bride and the groom, one can select the type of flower they want in the garland. The garland can be woven of a single color flower or flower petals, or one can even obtain a multicolor floral garland.

One can even search for Indian wedding garlands online for something unique and creative. It is a dream of every bride that her wedding should be different from the others, and all these small things like unique garland, or versatile decoration, or beautiful costume, can add up to make a different big wedding.

No matter whether you choose a fresh flower garland or artificial, one thing is sure that these garlands will make your big day more special!

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