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A large touchscreen for Fiat Ducato III, Citroen Jumper II and Peugeot Boxer II based motorhomes. The new infotainer Z-E3766 from multimedia specialist ZENEC ( is being launched with a top class display – and not just because of its 9″/22.9 cm size. The capacitive screen is touch-sensitive with an ultra fast response. In addition, the glass surface of the display screen is impressive for its high brightness level, large contrast range and excellent readability.

For optimal connectivity of your mobile phone with the infotainer the Z-E3766 supports Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto. Connect the smartphone to the Z-E3766 via USB and you will straightaway see the app icons appear on the infotainer display. Navigate, dial a contact, receive and send messages, or just listen to music – all these functions are conveniently controlled via Siri, the Google voice assistant, or the large touchscreen of the Z-E3766.

The Z-E3766 supports the playback of the latest audio and video formats via the USB 2.0 port. A varied radio program is ensured by the FM tuner as well as a versatile DAB+ twin tuner to tune to digital radio broadcasts which becoming ever more popular across Europe. Thanks to a wide range of comfort functions – dynamic station list, MOT Slideshow, DLS Text, and DABFM / DABDAB Service Following – the tuner is very easy to operate.
The entertainment and information features are complemented by the integrated Bluetooth unit. This allows you not only to take and make phone calls safely while on the move but also to use A2DP to wirelessly stream songs.

The new ZENEC is specifically built for use in a motorhome. Three cameras can be connected and controlled, together with an input for a microphone audio signal of a camera. The main camera is automatically activated by engaging the reverse gear. The Z-E3766 has an integrated streaming module for transmitting music to external Bluetooth speakers. Audio functions are then conveniently controlled via an app from an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone. You can then sit in comfort in the rear area of your motorhome, or outside in front of it, while enjoying the full range of audio playback features of the ZENEC.

For those who do not want to just navigate using a smartphone and app the Z-E3766 can easily be upgraded to a motorhome naviceiver. There are two software packages available for this that have been designed specifically for camping vehicles: the Z-EMAP66-MH3 with 3 years of free map updates, or the Z-EMAP66-MH7 with a map update subscription for 7 years. Both navigation packages contain accurately detailed maps for 47 countries with more than 6.5 million Premium POIs. Added to that is a comprehensive camping POI database with approx. 20,000 camping and motorhome stopover sites in Europe. To make sure you are navigated only along routes suitable for your motorhome, the Z-E3766 gives you a choice of different vehicle profiles so you can enter data specific to your vehicle. This avoids nasty surprises like streets that are prohibited to vehicles or bridges not providing enough headroom to pass below.