ecoDMS GmbH has released a new video on the popular ecoDMS document management system. This makes it even easier to start professional document archiving. In this video, the company from Aachen presents the core components of ecoDMS and shows which software and initial steps are necessary for the installation. The video can be viewed via the official ecoDMS YouTube channel. The direct link to the video is

ecoDMS enables the storage of documents, emails and other files in one central digital archive. The system is composed of the base systems, which are the ecoDMS server, the ecoDMS client and the virtual PDF/A printer. As an option, there are various plugins and add-ons for email clients and Office applications.

Being a client-server system, the system is based on the ecoDMS server. It is installed once on a central computer, a server hardware or a NAS. The ecoDMS client and the available plugins can be installed on any number of other supported devices. Before installation customers must check their system environment. The system requirements for the ecoDMS software are also available on the ecoDMS website.

ecoDMS can be used in a network and as a single-seat solution. If the software is being used as a single-seat solution, all ecoDMS components can be installed on a single PC or laptop. If several seats and users are to work with the archiving system, the ecoDMS server should be installed on a central, accessible device. The other users can then access the system through their desktop and web client using a connection and plugins.

ecoDMS can already be preconfigured for business or private customers during the initial installation under Windows. In this case the first settings are made. This includes, for example, various document types and a rough folder tree. These settings, of course, can be edited or enhanced later.

The client logs on through the connection manager. This is automatically installed with the ecoDMS client and provides the connection to the ecoDMS server. To use the web client, you do not need to be connected through the connection manager. To log on to the system, the required credentials must be entered according to the manual. The default user “ecodms” with the homonymous password can be used for the first logon. The password should be changed after the first logon for security reasons.

A new installation of ecoDMS is automatically a 30-day trial version, so customers can test the features for private and business application. If no license is entered, the Free4Three edition is activated following the trial period. This is exclusively intended for private users who may use this version with restricted functionality for free and for an unlimited period. The license is entered in the Settings dialogue box in the ecoDMS client. The license code is entered and activated by clicking the “Activate” button. Once a new connection has been established, the full version of the document management system can be used with all its useful functions for scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving all documents.