October 7, 2019: LSoft Technologies, a leading developer of disk utilities including file recovery and drive imaging software, is proud to announce the launch of NTFS Recovery Toolkit version 12 – its popular set of data recovery utilies. An all-new version sporting many improvements, this edition ships with Active@ File Recovery 19 and Active@ Partition Recovery 19. Both tools feature many tweaks and bug fixes and support for new file signatures to make recovering data easier and more reliable than ever. There’s also a new recovery kernel and improved support for NTFS volumes in Windows Storage Spaces and drives formatted with 4 KB sector sizes.

What does NTFS Recovery Toolkit include?

NTFS Recovery Toolkit is a set of tools for analyzing problems and resolving issues with NTFS-formatted partitions. However, the included data recovery tools work with any kind of writable storage media, as well as with file systems natively supported by Windows, Linux, and macOS. There’s a step-by-step guide included to walk you through the process of recovering data either manually or automatically. For expert users, there’s the Disk Editor utility, which provides a way to edit the content of raw disk sectors on any writable storage media. Another tool included is the freeware partition manager, which greatly extends upon the limited capabilities of the tool provided in Windows to let you create, delete, extend, format, and change the logical divisions on your hard drive.

To get started with the latest edition of NTFS Recovery Toolkit, download the freeware version at http://www.ntfs.com/recovery-toolkit.htm.

About Lsoft Technogies

LSoft Technologies Inc. is a worldwide leader in data recovery software technologies. Since its inception in 1998, LSoft’s mission has been to create a software framework for your data security. LSoft’s current vision is tied to a strong commitment to the latest technologies that expand the power and reach of PCs for its users.