October 17, 2019 — LSoft Technologies, pioneers of data backup and recovery software, is proud to announce the launch of the latest, all-new edition of its popular disk imaging software, Active@ Disk Image version 9.5. The new version of Active@ Disk Image ships with many new improvements, but the most important of all is the revolutionary Fast Compression method, which greatly reduces the file size of your disk images and the time it takes to create them. Other improvements include the added support for the latest edition of the ReFS file system and support for raw images in Virtual Disk. Users of the Professional edition will also be able to enjoy the full support of SATA & PCI-E NVMe M.2 disks with the most recent version of Active@ Boot Disk 15, upgraded to WinPE based on Windows 10 build 1903.

There are two main use cases for choosing Active@ Disk Image. Perhaps the most obvious is data backup. When you are manually backing up folders and files individually, there is always a chance of missing something important. After all, not necessarily everything is kept in the Documents folder or where it is immediately obvious. Even if your important files are backed up safely, it can take ages to recover damaged systems if you have to reinstall your operating system and all your applications first. There is simply no better way than making a complete, byte-by-byte duplicate of your drive to ensure that nothing gets forgotten about. That is also very useful if you want to upgrade or replace your hard drive or even your entire computer. With a complete disk image on hand to extract onto the new device, there is no need to manually reinstall everything, which can easily take a day or more.

Try out the latest edition at https://www.disk-image.com/index.html .