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The swiss company HTS Global AG is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high-performance heat tracing cables. HTS Global AG guarantees outstanding customer service and high-quality products.

Apart from its brand ThermTrace, HTS Global AG also produces the eHeat series, a product line of self-regulating heating tapes. They are particularly suitable for easy to use lowtemperature applications and can be used for all major purposes in the construction sector.

HTS Global AG constantly tests its products, to ensure its high standard.

The revised eHeat series includes the following products: eHeat Micro, eHeat Water and eHeat Gutter.

1. eHeat Micro is a construction grade self-regulating heating tape applicable for freeze protection of temperature maintenance of pipeworks. With its flexible properties, it can be used where installation dimensions are small. It is an economical solution for small pipes and is available in small dimensions

2. eHeat Water is a construction grade self-regulating heating tape that is specially designed for use inside of drinking water pipes or portable waterlines. It has a special food-safe outer jacket.

3. eHeat Gutter is a construction grade self-regulating heating tape for roof and gutter heating. For this purpose, this tape comes with a UV protected outer jacket and is moisture proof.

For more information about the HTS product range, visit On the website you can also find a downloadable product catalogue. Furthermore CEO Fabian de Soet and his team at HTS Global AG are always happy to answer any questions.