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You would want to ensure that you are aware of the most common offerings by the liferay experts so that you can consider what they can help you with. There is plenty to know with when it comes to the areas they can assist you in, such as design and planning, creation, quality control, maintenance and other related services. Here is everything that you would want to know about the offerings that you might be looking for, so read on to find out more.

Common Liferay Offerings
One should always be aware of the services that a liferay consulting business would have to offer you. Some of the main ones include:
• Design And Planning – When it comes to liferay development the first step is going to be designing and planning what you want. This would include POC, mock-up design and wireframe and even architecture creation to set up everything that you need in the best way possible.
• Creation – The next step that any liferay development company can help you with is the creation of your website. Some things they can assist you with includes portlet creation, document and content management, customization of OOTB features, integration of enterprise applications and theme creation.
• Quality Control – Another area where the experts in liferay migration would have services that you can hire them for is quality control. Under this type of services they would offer you a wide variety of offerings, such as performance testing, integration testing and even unit testing.
• Maintenance – Any web design company knows that maintenance is something that you can’t afford not to have available for the clients. Some of the maintenance related services that can be offered includes basic support, SEO maintenance as well as performance based tuning.
• Other Services – The final thing that you should know is that there might be other services that any team of experts would have to offer you. You would want to know what these are, including mobile based solutions, portal shifting and upgradation and developer and administration training.
Go ahead and think about what other services you might want from a website development company and ensure that you are considering that. However, if you are looking for the basics, then there are plenty of experts who can help you with everything from start to finish. Why not let them deal with everything platform related so that you can deal with the rest of the business needs that only you can take care of?
There is so much that comes along with running a business and that includes choosing the experts who are going to help you with anything that you need, such as website development. You should ensure that you are looking at the services that they have to offer you that are related to the platform that you are choosing to have them use. This means that you want a team that can help you with everything from start to finish and even afterwards with the required upkeep as well as maintenance of the site.

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