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Charlotte, North Carolina, September 23, 2019 — ChristianSteven Software presents CRD (Crystal Reports Distributor) Version 7.8 Build 20190911 – the popular Crystal Reports scheduling and automating solution. Various enhancements along with software fixes have been included in this update allowing you to automate and schedule your Crystal Reports easier than ever before.

Below you will find the release notes documenting the changes that took place in CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler Version 7.8 Build 20190911.


– The ability to drag and drop inserts into the attachments field of the send email custom task.
– Added destination naming default to be ‘custom’ within a Data Driven Schedule.
– The ability to right click (or double click) an error message from the Error Log and have the option to open the corresponding schedule/package.
– The ability to manually refresh the Error Log.
– The ability to use inserts in the subject field of the Exception Handling email.

Issues Resolved:

– Folder Housekeeping is not deleting Folder contents.
– Scheduled backups are not working as expected.
– Group Selection Formula is not updated when schedule is refreshed.
– Unable to use Google Sheets as a destination in a Bursting Schedule.
– Custom constants “CurrentDate” pulling wrong date.
– Advanced Dynamic Linking in a Dynamic package does not save properly when edited through the properties of the existing schedule.

Please visit to learn more about scheduling & automating your Crystal Reports and to download the latest version of CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler.

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