OSLO, Norway – August 21st, 2019: The Vivaldi browser releases its new version Vivaldi 2.7 that continues to give its users a perfect tool to control and enjoy the Web on their terms. This update offers a more streamlined experience with overall improvements with better control of sound behavior, new options to access User Profiles quicker, an enhanced status bar as well as security related fixes.

Mute Tab: This new option allows you to mute a website which is currently silent. Now you don’t have to worry that websites will interrupt your general browsing experience. Simply right click on a tab and select Mute Tab to prevent the website from playing the audio in advance. This is an addition to Vivaldi’s solid settings that control sound behavior. The default option Play All Audio allows audio to play from all tabs at all times. You can disable it if you want to avoid unwanted noise. Choosing Play Only In Active Tab automatically mutes all background tabs. Use Prioritize Active Tab to play background tabs with audio even if the active tab has no audio. Find these under audio settings in Settings/Tabs/Tab Features/Tab Muting. You can Mute Other Tabs which means that by right clicking any background tab in the Tabs Bar or Window Panel, all other tabs will be muted but the current tab. Another way to manage sound is through Quick Commands (F2 / Apple key E and type “mute”, then select the preferred option via the arrow keys) or assign custom keyboard shortcuts.

Vivaldi’s improved User Profiles lets you create a desktop shortcut to a specific User Profile. Available on Windows, this shortcut provides quicker access to profiles ensuring that you are in the right account. You can find a new context menu entry in the User Profile menu under the Add Person/Edit Person button.

Even though Flash technology is being phased out, many sites still use Flash. Vivaldi’s new option for the Flash player plugin enables you to access these sites – another addition in the plethora of options that Vivaldi gives you to browse with complete ease. Enable this plug-in under Settings/Webpages/Plugins.

Heavy page loading often results in a long wait. Now Vivaldi keeps you informed while you wait, with helpful information about the loading page in the Status Bar. You will be notified of the current status, for example: Processing request, Waiting for, Connecting, Establishing secure connection.

Improved Stability for macOS: If you have experienced crashes on macOS, you are now in for a smoother ride. This long-standing issue has been fixed in version 2.7.

“Making Vivaldi look, feel and perform better has always been our focus. We want to bring the best Vivaldi experience to your screens. That’s why we are working on the things that count – the things that make you more productive and organised on the Web”, says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner.

More details: email varsha@vivaldi.com or go to https://vivaldi.com