Mumbai, 9th September 2019: On the occasion of World Physical Therapy day, H.E.A.L Institute, pioneers of Sports science in India pledged to spread awareness about ‘frailty’ amongst elderly people. A team of physiotherapist visited “All Saints Home” in Mazgaon and provided free Physio consultation to the young-old citizens of our society.

Frailty is a complex state of increased vulnerability to adverse health conditions. One of the few ways to influence frailty in older adults is through exercise. However, due to the limited strength and mobility an elderly has, it is important that an exercise program is well-structured and should only be constructed by a healthcare professional such as a physiotherapist.

Dr. Simran Kotawala of H.E.A.L institute started the session by highlighting various issues faced by older people. She explained to the crowd how physiotherapy helps in alleviating pain, improves mobility and restores fitness. It was followed by one on one Geriatric physical therapy consultations wherein each individual spoke about their pain points and they were suggested tailor made exercise regimes to follow.

“Physiotherapy is a boon and this World Physical Therapy day we wanted to give back to the society.” Commenting on the importance of Geriatric physical therapy Ms. Namita Ambani, COO, H.E.A.L institute says, “It is exasperating for seniors to recover from injury and illness. Daily they experience chronic pain but are hardly aware about the cure. The doctors at H.E.A.L tried creating awareness about physical therapy which can help relieve pain and restore physical functions such as flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. The goal for this session was to make the daily tasks and activities of seniors easier.”

Sharing her experience, Mrs. Maria Fernadez of 69 years says, “I am very happy that Heal took the initiative and came to visit us. In 2017, I had felt down and my shoulder got broke. I still feel the pain while lifting any heavy objects. The physiotherapist suggested few exercises for my shoulder pain which I will do regularly as it’s for my own benefit”.

Mrs. Valeria of 77 years says, “There is extreme pain in my knee and back. If I sit for a long time, I am not able to get up immediately. I am very happy, that the doctor from Heal Institute came to visit us, suggested few exercises. We really enjoyed our Sunday evening had a lovely time with the doctor”.

Mrs. Shardha Joel, the care taker at All Saints Home says, “Everybody residing here have some or the other problems. We women’s face lack of calcium in your body after a certain age, there is no proper intake of food due to which there is lot of weakness and the organs get loose as well. And now during monsoon the climate is very cold due to that as well they have knee problem. I am thankful of Heal Institute to come and help these ladies to deal with the health problems in a better way”.