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Approximately 400 people meet with death in Delhi every year. Although a decrease in the number of AIDS patients has been reported in the country in the last few years, the cases in the capital have slightly elevated in recent times. According to the report released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 2, 00,465 people were living with HIV in 2015-16, while approximately 1,93,195 were diagnosed in the year 2016-17 and near about 1,90,763 people were fighting with AIDS in 2017-18 in the country.

As per the opinion of Dr. Parveen Kumar, who is an additional project director in the Delhi State AIDS Control Society, the numbers of HIV cases in the capital continue to rise due to the regularly increasing migration. Every year many new migrants become part of the existing population of the capital, and a good number of people among them are diagnosed with AIDS/HIV.

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Experts suggest that risk assessment is vital to determine the HIV status at an early age and take the needful step to control the HIV epidemic. Although the ratio of risk assessment among a few KPs (FSW, MSM, TGs) seems to be in a better stage as compared to those who fall under PWIDs, the primary issue has been noticed with the BPs (migrants and truckers) and, of course, partners/clients of KPs, where the ratio of risk assessment is reported significantly low due to the lack of useful information related to HIV in Delhi.

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