Mumbai is one of the most densely populated city in India and offers just 1.1 sq. mt. of open space per person. It’s not only dismal but also alarming. With 75% of Mumbai schools not having playgrounds, the need for well-maintained sports facilities has never been more urgent. Giving hope to the city in this regard is Aether Sports that has opened a state-of-the-art playground in the tony neighbourhood of Juhu, making all-year, affordable sports accessible to all.

Vivek Kothari-founded Aether Sports aspires to create a positive and high performing sports environment for every Mumbaikar. The JVPD Ground, adopted and maintained by Aether Sports, houses contemporary indoor and outdoor sports facilities for children and adults alike. The gigantic ground is spread over a 70,000 sq. ft. The astroturf is divided into five zones, one covered turf and 4 open grounds. The injury-free turf, a on-of-its-kind that makes it safe for all players, has been home to endless sessions of football, karate, cricket and many other sports.

The outdoor turf is fitted with modern floodlights that makes it easy for players to play sports at night. It opens up a huge opportunity for those who work all day and prefer after-hours for their sports. The multi-sports turf makes it versatile, seamlessly adapting itself to the requirement. One of the biggest advantages of the outdoor space of the playground is the ample availability of parking spaces, making it extremely user-friendly to many. Its easy reach from railway station and bus stops makes it one of the most accessible playgrounds in the city.

Said Mr. Vivek Kothari, Founder – Aether Sports, “I truly believe that sports is not a luxury but an essential aspect of life, whether it’s in childhood or adulthood. Every person deserves access to a clean and well-equipped play facility. It’s with this vision that we founded Aether Sports. The world-class settings at our Juhu playground offer citizens turfs for various sports, workshop spaces, fitness and training. Our indoor sports facilities are perfect for the monsoons, and our outdoor turf is prepared for some heady sports action even during the rains. We’ve sourced our facilities and equipment from the globally reputed brands. The world-class sports facility helps fitness enthusiasts to enjoy sports in their vicinity!”

Since the ground opened, it has hosted numerous corporate sports tournaments, prompting a new culture of local sports tournaments that go beyond just cricket. With its professional coaching, top-in-class equipment, robust security, ample parking and contemporary sporting facilities, Aether Sports’ JVPD ground has breathed life into the space-starved neighbourhood that is home to chic homes, offices and top schools.