Here in this article, we will learn about the history of washing machine and facts worth knowing about washing machines.

How long have people been using a washing machine?

Already in the 17th-century, people tried to distance themselves from the usual hand washing. In the following years, many different washing machine constructions were created. At the end of the 18th century, the development of the washing machine increased sharply, especially in England.

In 1858, Hamilton-Smith developed the first drum washing machine. The first fully automatic washing machine was launched in America in 1946. The spread of the washing machine in the households led to an extreme reduction of the washing effort.

This washing machine type is best for singles or the short camping trip.

How does a mini washing machine work?

The mini washing machine is particularly noticeable that it does not run automatically, but that manually added water along with detergent in the wash chamber. Here, the water should already have the temperature at which the laundry should be washed. After the wash, the water must be pumped out again.

What are the dimensions of a mini-washing machine?

A mini-washing machine usually has a height of about 30 centimeters and a width of about 35 centimeters. In addition, it weighs about 15 kilograms, which allows transport.

The capacity is usually up to 5 kilograms.


– Easy transport

– Low consumption


– Low filling quantity

– Unsuitable for large quantities

How does the commercial washing machine work and what advantages and disadvantages does it offer?

This washing machine type is particularly suitable for hotels, hospitals, retirement homes and Wholesale Laundry cleaning companies. To clean the gigantic laundry mountains here, it simply needs large and powerful washing machines.

A great advantage of these washing machines is that they are equipped with an extremely powerful motor, which is also necessary for view of the quantities of laundry.

What are the dimensions of a commercial washing machine?

It usually has a width of about 60 centimeters and a height of about 60 centimeters.


– Large capacity

– Intended for continuous operation


– Very expensive

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