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Automotive Cowl Screen Market: Introduction

An automotive cowl screen is a hood shaped covering surface in every vehicle made up of first coefficient thermal expansion material. An automotive cowl screen has double air vents which regulate the air to and fro in the vehicle for distribution of air to the interior of the vehicle’s HVAC (Heating, ventilating, and air condition) system. The automotive cowl screens are covered with an air permeable material that prevents the transfer of liquids. Usually, automotive cowl screens are made of polymer, fiber glass, stainless steel, aluminium, and carbon fiber which also gives the vehicle a better aesthetic.

Automotive Cowl Screen Market: Market Dynamics

Growing vehicle PARC and production capacity are expected to be the prime drivers of the automotive cowl screen market owing to the fact that all the vehicles require an automotive cowl screen. The automotive cowl screen market has been segmented on the basis of sales channel among which OEMs segment is predicted to be a lucrative segment as compared to the aftermarket segment due to the low replacement rate of automotive cowl screens. Amidst the vehicle types, of the total vehicle production passenger cars holds about three-fourth of the total vehicle fleet which implies that the segment is more likely to create significant opportunities for the automotive clown screen market players. 

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Conversely, the global auto components aftermarket is expected to be over a trillion dollar. Various players are engaged in the sales of automotive cowl screen, which are refurbished or reworked or are the duplicates of OEM products. This is a major setback to OEM manufacturers due to infringement in their supply chain. Also, this jeopardizes the brand image in the local market due to the failure of locally-made components. Further, local players offer products at relatively low costs, resulting in high market competition, which compels manufacturer to sell at lower costs. This is expected to hinder the growth of the automotive cowl screen market during the forecast period. However, since they are inexpensively made, the automotive cowl screen market is projected to foresee an optimistic growth over the projected period.  

Automotive Cowl Screen: Market Segmentation

 On the basis of vehicle type, the global Automotive Cowl Screen market can be segmented into the following,

  • Passenger Cars Compact Cars Mid-Sized Cars Luxury Cars SUVs
  • Commercial Cars Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs)

On the basis of material type, the global Automotive Cowl Screen market can be segmented into the following,

  • Fiber Glass Automotive Cowl Screen
  • Carbon Fiber Automotive Cowl Screen
  • Polymer Automotive Cowl Screen
  • Aluminum Automotive Cowl Screen
  • Stainless Steel Automotive Cowl Screen

On the basis of sales channel, the global Automotive Cowl Screen market can be segmented into the following,

  • OEMs
  • Aftermarket

Automotive Cowl Screen: Regional Market Outlook

The automotive cowl screen market growth will not be evenly distributed across the regions due to the significant difference between automobile trade in regions, and consolidation of automotive production facilities in emerging markets. China being the core of inexpensive manufacturers, it is predicted that the country will witness a notable year over year growth. Additionally, the booming economy of the country, is the foremost factor driving the passenger cars ownership, which in turn, is fueling the demand for automotive cowl screen market.  The automotive industry accounts for 4% of Europe’s GDP while in Americas the industry accounts for 3% of the region’s GDP hence this sector is crucial for their prosperity, thus, the regions are stipulated have a positive growth over the forecast period.  

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Automotive Cowl Screen: Market Key Players

The global automotive cowl screen market is predicted to be highly fragmented due to the presence of numerous player in the market, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Some of the major participants operating in the global Automotive Cowl Screen market include:

  • Bright Brothers Ltd.
  • Alsons Group
  • Valeo
  • Sherman & Associates Inc.
  • Original Equipment Reproduction
  • Dorman Products