Fresno, California- September 1, 2019- Matt Buys Houses is one of the leading companies in Fresno, CA, area that purchases properties directly from home sellers. Offering an incredible way to avoid the hassle of listing with a realtor, waiting months for an interested buyer, those interested in selling their properties can get it done fast with Matt Buys Houses.

When listing a property in Fresno, CA, homeowners will quickly realize, it won’t sell overnight. It may take months for a house to sell. Meanwhile, the homeowner has to sit by and idly wait. This isn’t idle for some situations. Some need to sell their home fast, whether it be due to a job relocation, potential foreclosure, or pending divorce. When these situations arise, waiting weeks or even months to find a qualified buyer, and one that makes it to closing is almost impossible. Matt Buys Houses provides the solution; homeowners have been looking for.

The process for selling a home to Matt Buys Houses is straightforward. The first step is contacting their team, requesting an all-cash offer on the property that is to be sold. There are no restrictions as far as what type of home it is; owners can even want sell property that is currently being rented. Within 24-hours, someone from the team will get in touch with an offer. If the homeowner decides it is an acceptable offer, they would then choose a closing date. Closing can happen as soon as seven days after receiving the offer.

Sellers shouldn’t worry if the property needs repairs either. Matt Buys Houses will purchase homes that need repairs or renovations. Homeowners don’t even need to clean the property before selling. When closing day arrives, sellers don’t have to pay closing costs or any other fees; Matt Buys Houses takes care of everything.

Founder and CEO of Matt Buys Houses, Matthew Garabedian has said, “ Our goal is to help make your life easier and to get out from under that property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, FAIR, and honest price for your house.” on their mission for making the selling process as easy as possible for home sellers.

Matt Buys Houses has been the number one choice in Fresno for homeowners to get rid of homes faster than listing with a realtor. They have purchased more than 500 properties in the area, and are committed to helping families get a fair, all-cash offer for their homes, allowing homeowners to move on with their life and get out from under a house they need selling.

For more information on Matt Buys Houses visit For questions please contact Matt Garabedian at (559) 234-2396.