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Rugged Mobile are specialists in rugged devices, their product range includes rugged handheld mobiles, tablets and computers. Rugged devices are made especially for harsh working conditions, as these devices are made to withstand water, dust, mud, sand and impact from dropping them. Rugged devices are made according to military standards (MIL-STD) and each Rugged Mobile device has an IP rating of at least IP65.

These devices are suited for industries like the Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Warehouse management sectors, but not limited to them. Rugged devices have an array of features to make working easier in difficult conditions, rugged devices can positively impact the work carried out by your employees.

The manufacturing and warehouse management industries will find that the handheld barcode scanner feature will be especially useful as it can scan from a distance and an angle making it quicker and easier for you to scan the barcodes.

Products offered by Rugged Mobile:
Below we are going to compare the features of two Rugged Mobile devices that have handheld barcode scanner features:

1. The Nautiz E-Ticket Pro: This device is a fare collection and ticket validation device. This portable device is compact and efficient, operating at temperatures between -20 °C to 55 °C. This device can be used for validating the fares and tickets of outdoor events.

– Operating System: Windows 6.5
– Barcode scanner feature: 2D Imager (Honeywell N560x – Gen6)
– Size: 156 mm x 74 mm x 25.5 mm
– Weight: 335 g

2. The Nautiz X2: This device is a handheld barcode scanner, phone, computer and camera, all in one. Guaranteed to meet all your industry related needs this device can efficiently help you with the task at hand. This compact device is lightweight and able to work at temperatures of -20 °C to 50 °C.

– Operating System: Android 5.1
– Barcode Scanner feature: 1D Laser scanner (Motorola SE965HP) or 1D/2D Imager (Honeywell N3680)
– Size: 150 mm x 73.5 mm x 16 mm
– Weight: 230 g

To learn more about Rugged Mobile and their other handheld barcode scanners that they have to offer, you can visit them at

About Rugged Mobile:
Rugged Mobile specialises in making sturdy and reliable devices made to work in extremely difficult working conditions. The three most common tests for testing the ruggedness of a rugged device is checking the temperature range, performing MIL-STD testing methods and checking the IP rating. Rugged Mobile devices have a minimum range of IP65 rating.

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