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Typography refers to the way, the letters are designed, styled and printed on a page. If you want your texts to be read clearly and carefully then you need to pay attention to its appearance. Here are 7 typography trends which can be used in web design:

Go Big and Bold

Nothing catches user’s attention like something which is condensed and bold. You do not have to make such text really colorful or bright, but even minimalism is appreciated. This trend may look dramatic, but it cannot be ignored. Most commonly, white bold text is used against a plain or a darker background so that the text can be focused. A lot of other companies also use the same pattern, but add a little bit of animated colorful design in between to add a little twist to it.

Choosing the Perfect Font

Headlines and titles can be typed out in some elegant and sophisticated fonts. There are so many different options to choose from now, other than the regular Times New Roman. Many
web development services put focus on choosing the perfect font style and size which compliments your design or image well.

Capture attention by words

Sometimes words do what text cannot. You cannot rule out the impact of words. If you write well and creatively, then users may not even notice the absence of any image or color scheme. They do look important, but not more convincing than a set of words, which holds more power than anything else.

Use Monospaced fonts

Monospaced fonts are one in which each letter utilize the same space and width. They are in proportion with each other. It is used a lot in areas where small text is required, but now also widely used in web pages. A lot of

web development companies in Pakistan
utilize this trend to create catchy text and headlines.

Highlight and Pin Important Text

Sometimes in very long and detailed web pages, it becomes difficult to point out the main parts. For this purpose, a trend came in, in which the main part is often highlighted. This can be done by simply using a different text color, or even the font, design and keeping it bold. By this feature, users can easily skim through the web page without getting afraid by the long details. This trend is usually seen in textbooks or even newspaper articles, where some part of the text is made bold or highlighted for the users.

Breaking the Monotonous Text

Usually text is written in the same vertical manner. Now, there is a trend to break this monotony of the same alignment. In this manner, some text is added in a vertical pattern while some is kept horizontal. This will create a different pattern and design to attract more users.

Scattering letters

In a lot of shorter and one-liners, sometimes the text is scattered across. While it may sometimes become difficult to read, it is used to create a different visual effect for users.