iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company that has launched iCallify. It is intelligent call center software as it is developed with the usage of predictive technology and smart algorithms. After the launch, the company has also released one more version of this is an intelligent call center solution. The company has added some new features in the iCallify, including, Sticky Agent which is one of the vital call routing rules.

As per the shared details, the company has added a wide range of call routing rules in this is intelligent call center software.

“The call center solution is majorly used in customer care campaigns. Almost all call centers run customer care campaigns and that is why it is important to add major call routing rules. The call routing rule is an inbuilt algorithm in the call center software. The call gets distributed to the right agent based on the algorithm. Different call centers run different campaigns. That’s why each call center needs multiple call routing rules. We understand the importance of different call routing rules and that’s why we have added multiple call routing rules in iCallify. We have tried to cover all types of call routing rules which are must have in the call center solution’, shared spokesperson of the company.

Below is the list of call routing rules available in the iCallify:

Advanced Call routing

An advanced call routing algorithm routes incoming calls to the most suitable and available agent.

Round robin call routing

The calls get distributed in the round robin manner, which means the first call to the first available agent, second to the second agent and the process goes on.

Least talk time call routing

It routes an incoming call to the agent that has the least talk time compared to other agents.

Random call routing

This call routing strategy randomly routes calls to the available agents.

Fewest calls call routing

This call routing strategy is also based on the productivity of the agents. It routes an incoming call to the agent that has handled a minimum number of calls compared to other agents.

Sticky agent

It is the best call routing strategy when a call center attends repeat calls from the same customer. It is also good for the companies that use the call center software for sales, business development and lead nurturing campaigns. It routes the call of the customer to the same agent who attended his call last time. It means every time one customer gets to talk with the same agent.
Ring group
It rings more than one agent at the same time and the ring stops when any one of them picks up the call.

These call routing rules are available in iCallify: intelligent call center software for its users.

The iCallify has many more features along with these different call routing rules. To know more about this intelligent call center software, please visit