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Dongfu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd Takes Security Function to the Next Level

Guarantees affordable, quality, and long-lasting razor wire or barbed wire that comes with a high-security function

Chinese based professional razor wire and barbed wire manufacturers Dongfu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd has recently taken security functions to the next level. They have provided people with strong barbed wire and razor wire that has left animals and persons of danger frightened from getting close enough to cause harm.

“Our company was founded in 2009. Over the years we have been cooperating with advanced domestic suppliers of production equipment and raw materials and constantly we have accumulated experience and introduced talents to improve the competitiveness of our products”, notes CEO of Dongfun Wire Mesh Co. ,Ltd.

There are two types of wire mesh that will ensure adequate security. They are razor wire and barbed wire. These two types are very economical and practical effective metal wire fences. Dongfu produces both of these types and they are the best manufacturers in China. There are differences between these two types of security wire mesh. The razor wire is made up of high tensile core wire and a punched steel type with sharp barbs at close intervals uniformly. It is designed into rolls, the barbed wire has pointed barbs at regular intervals along the central wire, it is aligned in a rope form.

Dongfu’s next level razor wire is made of high-quality low carbon and stainless steel raw materials. The low carbon high stainless steel makes it impossible to rust thereby increasing its security function. Its closely connected coils also make it hard for people or animals to pass through, sharp edges can easily cut through people’s clothes or skin.

“Dongfu is the best suppliers of razor wire and barbed wires internationally. I have worked with them for many years and they have never failed or made mistakes in the supplying of quality adequate materials. Thank you Dongfu for been a very nice supplier all these years, providing the world with effective security functions”, notes John Brown.

If you are looking for the manufacturer and the supplier of razor wire or barbed wire,and want to find a reliable trading partner. Anping Dongfu from China is the right choice you are looking for.

About Dongfu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd

Anping Dongfu Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. is a cross-border trading company. Their services are the manufacturing and exporting of wire mesh products that include razor wire and barbed wire products. They have their factory, experienced teams that handle their production equipment professionally. Their sales team has also worked with reputable customers from all over the world.

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