Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd has announced to offer a multi tenant conferencing solution. This solution will support video conferencing. The company has put this multi tenant conferencing solution in a production and anyone can buy it to take benefit of a video conferencing solution along with the tenant support.

As per the shared details, this multi tenant conferencing solution can be used by any company to meet its conferencing needs. This video conferencing software solution doesn’t demand any special equipment to conduct a video conference. The participants and host can conduct a video conference using their mobile cam and webcam. It doesn’t need the participants to install any hardware based cameras or software. It can be accessed with a web URL.

This multi tenant video conferencing solution is furnished with a wide array of features. The spokesperson of the company shared a list of key features available in this solution which is listed below:
• Dashboard
• Web URL to provide remote access
• Video conferencing
• One to many video conferencing
• Many to many video conferencing
• Public video conference
• Private video conference, which can be accessed only with a predefined PIN (Private Identification Number)
• Video conference recording and playback or download
• Announce name on arrival of a participant
• Start conference when the host joins
• Start conference when the first participant joins
• Screen sharing
• File sharing
• Image sharing
• Private chat
• Public chat
• Raise hand
• Mute all participants
• Unmute a participant
• Transfer control to a participant to present
• Reports
• And more

As per the shared details, the video conferencing solution can be used to run business meetings, board meetings, prospect and customer meetings, and all other professional business meetings. It increases the impact of communication and adds professionalism. Some companies also use a video conferencing solution to deliver webinars and educational sessions as part of their marketing efforts.

The video conferencing software solution offered by Vindaloo VoIP is a multipurpose solution. It can be used to run different types of conferences. It is ready to use and available for purchase. The company also announced to offer a white label video conferencing solution. This is very beneficial for the service providers that want to generate revenues by providing video conferencing services to their customers.

The spokesperson of the company also announced that they will provide the multi tenant conferencing solution with customization as per the need of the customer. The company has a team of VoIP development experts that will provide required customization in this multi tenant video conferencing solution to increase the usefulness of this solution for its users.