In addition to a clogged lint filter, the drain hose is often a cause of the error. Especially if the washing machine is not set up correctly or if no vibration dampers are used or if it is a roller-bearing model, it can happen that the device will move during the spin cycle.

If kinks are recognizable, they can be eliminated by moving them. If nothing like this is seen, you should unscrew the drain hose and this after Let us learn here what to do in this case, information is shared by Laundry Pick up service.

Check blockages:

If you have loosened the drain hose from the hose clamp, it is estimated whether the water comes through the hose during pumping. You should place a bucket under the hose so that the water does not end up directly on the ground.

For the cleaning of the withdrawn drain hose, this is ideally given for a day in a water bath with degreasing detergent. Repeat with hot water. If persistent soiling has settled in the hose, you can tackle it with aggressive, corrosive pipe cleaners.

Lye pump is defective:

If you have checked and cleaned both the lint filter and the drain hose for any blockages and the water is still not pumped out, a problem with the drain pump is very likely.

In this case, rattling noise during pumping may indicate that the drain pump, which is also referred to as a drain pump, has a defect. The drain pump can break just like any other component of the washing machine, which you will notice that the water is no longer pumped out.

In this case, you do not come around a repair or replacement of the drain pump, but you can do it yourself – provided you not only have dangerous half-knowledge. If you are unsure, you should prefer to let a specialist take the lead.

V-belt is cracked/gone:

The V-belt ensures that the power of the washing machine motor is transferred to the washing drum and that it starts to rotate. Since it is like the car and the washing machine V-belt is a wearing part, this may break. However, one cause of this can also be an insufficient tension or a too loosely fitting V-belt pulley. And once the V-belt has broken or jumped off, the washing machine is shut down and thus the water cannot be pumped out.

According to Laundry Pick up, only an exchange helps here. V-belts for washing machines can be ordered and purchased as spare parts, whereby the replacement or exchange should be made only with appropriate knowledge and manual skill. If in doubt, you should leave that to a specialist.