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When going on holidays, it is very important to have a luxury hotel room to stay in. Especially, when you are going to destinations like Manali or Shimla, you need to check many things. It is always better to have a planned holiday so that there is no problem later on. When it comes to booking the hotels in Manali, then there are many sites which can help you in getting luxury hotels in Manali best deal ever. But then it is you who need to check other things related to that luxury room. So here, we going to share with you what you need to check when booking a luxury hotel in Manali.

Rooms have a scenic view – The most important thing which everyone wants when in the beautiful place like Manali is to have a complete view of the mountains or the greenery around it from the window or the balcony. So, ensure that this luxury hotel room which you are booking has this facility.

The hotel has necessary room facilities – At a place like Manali where the temperature is usually low, you need to have a geyser and room heater facility. Other than that, if the room has a mini kitchen or basic kitchen amenities like a kettle, a toaster, or a microwave, it will be great. So, look for all these necessary facilities.

The hotel has tourist guides and vehicle for sightseeing – The benefit of booking a luxury hotel room is that they do provide the sightseeing services also. So, you will not have to look for the cabs or another tourist guide. However, the hotel will charge for this facility separately.