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Outcast Surf Co. provides quality hand-shaped surfboards. Various sizes and styles are available

Outcast Surf Company Store has been launched in newest location at San Clemente, Ca. Outcast Surf Co. is owned and run by a family with based location in San Clemente California. All surfboards produced by this company are hand-shaped by an avid surfer named Anthony. Anthony has tamed the ocean for more than 40 years and his experience has made efficient boards according to the user’s level of expertise, home wave, and size.

Outcast Surf Co. also provides an opportunity for every user to be involved in the creative process. The customized surfboard is made according to the taste of the user. The process will involve the user from meeting with the maker, deciding the best shape and size, up to the finishing.

Outcast Surf Co. sells various items. The surfboards are available in various sizes and shapes such as longboards, shortboards, funboards, hybrid, high performance, fish, all board style in Epoxy, and customized artwork or colors. Users can simply call the company for a quote and finalize the design as well as the price and shipping cost.

Other than surfboards, this company also sells fins that can be purchased both online and offline. Also, the fins can be customized according to your requests. The surf accessories sold by this company includes leashed, wetsuits, deck pads, and so on. Outcast merchandise such as tote bags, coffee mugs, and beach towels with the logo of Outcast Surf Co. are also available.

“Our online store offers free shipping for domestic destinations. All accessories and items orders over USD 100 in the US destination will get a free-shipping,” said the CEO of Outcast Surf Co. “If your order is less than USD 100, the shipping rate would be based on the weight.”

Other than the high-quality material used for Outcast surfboards, all boards are hand-shaped by an expert who has been in the surfing business for decades. It makes the board fits the user personally. If the order got into the customer’s home in a damaged condition, Outcast Surf Co. will pay for the repair and refund the additional shipping cost.

If the damage is minor, such as cracks, dents, dings, or other cosmetic damages, the company will pay for the repair cost or send a full repair kit to the customer without any charge. Other than that, the company will discount the board price by the repair amount by refunding the customer’s money.

About Outcast Surf Co.

Outcast Surf Co. is a family company located in San Clemente, California. Mastering the surfboard, all surfboards produced by this company is hand-shaped by an avid surfer who has been surfing for 40 years in his life. Its customized surfboards will make a board that fits the user. For more information please visit

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