Traverse City MI, 7-22-2019 – Are you looking to renovate your home? There is a host of local, state, and federal incentive programs as well as tax relief options and low-interest loans that you can take advantage of. Tax information blog, American Tax Service details how you can easily take advantage of any of these options in its latest post – Federal Remodel Incentive Programs and Tax Relief Options.

For Government incentive programs, there are a few key rules you will need to adhere to if you are to take advantage of any of them. First, you will need to apply for the program before starting renovations and home improvements otherwise you might not be counted eligible. Also, it is worth noting that most of the incentive programs only support basic changes that improve the quality of your property and not luxury changes like home spas and outdoor kitchens. Finally, there must be an oversight in the form of scheduled inspections.

Aside from government incentive programs, taxpayers who are renovating can find out if they are eligible to join a property tax exemption program. This can save them some thousands of dollars during the whole time of renovation or part of it. Eligibility requirements differ between every town and county and as such you will need to find out what qualifies in your local area.

Taxpayers looking to renovate can also benefit from the Home Improvement Programs (HIPs). These programs offer low-interest or no-interest rate loans to homeowners who want to improve the quality of their home. Depending on where your home is situated, there are different eligibility requirements.

However, one rule that cuts across no matter where you are located is that you must be remodelinga an existing building, your gross income must be below a set limit, and you can’t be using the money to install luxury items. Another loan option taxpayers can utilize is the FHA Rehab Loans. With this option, you can easily approach many loan providers as the US government will be guaranteeing your loan.

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