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Delhi, India, 27th June, 2019
Hair problem has become so common nowadays that one out of every five people in India needs to see a hair specialist before they turn 40. Untimely baldness is one of the abnormalities that is claiming victims by wide sweeps. Patterned baldness in both men and women has grown very frequent in the past few years, and doctors can’t seem to place the cause with scientific certainty. However, with whatever they know, specialists have rolled out quite a few satisfying and lasting solutions. Hair transplant is one of them. Panacea Hair Services, a renowned clinic based in Delhi has taken this procedure of hair transplant in Delhi NCR to a new height.
It has launched a hair transplant in Delhi treatment that it’s marketing as the no stitch, no scar procedure, and indeed the procedures are completely non-invasive. Although non-surgical hair transplant procedures weren’t unheard of before this, the services brought forth by Panacea definitely opens a new avenue of treatment opportunities for the people of India. Panacea’s hair transplant procedures are completely painless which makes it’s an inviting prospect for one and all. Even those who were known to hold back being iffy about the pain and scar are now walking into the clinic enquiring about the procedures and making bookings with the trichologists available.
To top that, Panacea recently threw in a guarantee coverage on all its services. For hair transplant services, its guarantee period continues for 25 years. With the success of innumerable cases under their belt, the clinic with its team of surgeons are now more confident than ever in delivering satisfactory treatments to the clients. The 25 year guarantee umbrella is only telling of its success rate and efficacy of treatments. With that, Panacea has also brought down the hair transplant cost in Delhi by a significant measure by launching cost-effective solutions.
The cherry on top of this is the 1 year full support that Panacea extends to all its clients. During this year, patients are welcomed to call in or write to them for any support or assistance they need regarding the service. The support is offered through a team of qualified personnel who are not only knowledgeable in this line of medicine, but are also fully trained on the subject. So any query or call for assistance can be directed toward them for a prompt resolution.
Panacea, the best hair transplant in Delhi has an expansive catalogue of hair services that it offered through a panel of eminent surgeons and trichologists. The treatments are assured to have no side effects which is also rare in these procedures. The doctors who perform the procedures at Panacea have been at work for many years. They are fully trained and educated on hair transplants and know how best to do it skirting around the side effects.
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