Just beautiful! Anyone who has ever participated in a yacht charter in Greece in his or her life will say something like this. Because a sailing trip along the fabled Greek islands is hard to beat in terms of the ultimate holiday experience.

Yacht charter Mykonos in Greece means a truly limitless selection of sailing routes. Because of the uncanny island wealth, Greece fans of yacht charter in Greece come up with a coastline of as much as 13,676 km, of which just about 4,000 km account for the Greek mainland.

It is no coincidence that Greece is one of the most popular destinations among sailing enthusiasts. If you want to rent a boat in Greece, you can benefit from the short distances between the islands. Within a week or even a weekend, you can easily visit islands in the Saronic Gulf or the Cyclades with Mega yacht charter.

Rent a boat in Greece: Ancient islands as far as the eye can see:

In total, Greece counts 1400 islands. Of these, only 169 are inhabited. Those who embark on the adventure of boat chartering in Greece can effortlessly find peace and quiet on a remote island, plunge into the hustle and bustle on one of the lively islands or marvel at the remnants of some of Europe’s oldest civilizations on another island.

Whatever is on your wish list, with a Yacht charter Corfu in Greece is guaranteed a holiday in a class of its own.

Boat charter in Greece: The different sailing areas:

No matter where the Bareboat yacht rentals in Greece should go, one thing is certain, sunshine. For more or less throughout the year, sailors can look forward to sunshine along the Greek islands.

Among the five main destinations of the Greek sailing districts, almost all yacht charters in Greece include the following archipelagos: the Ionian Islands, the Cyclades, the Argosaronic Islands, the Sporades, and the Dodecanese.

These can also be wonderfully explored on a catamaran charter in Greece. Anyone who embarks on the adventure of boat chartering in Greece will literally get to know the meaning of the term island hopping.

Greece is indeed one of the best destinations on the earth and it is undoubtedly a heaven for sailing lovers as it has beautiful grace of turquoise, crystal clear waters, bays with long white sand beaches, natural anchorages, by huge rock cliffs are circled, as well as pine and palm forests.

As many different islands can be discovered on a yacht charter in Greece, each one is different and unique.

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