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The recent California fire disaster has caused multiple insurers to deny policy renewals for some of their clients. When it comes to property damage cases like these, Haffner Law helps clients get the coverage and compensation they deserve.

[LOS ANGELES, 07/11/2019] – The state of California is a hotbed for disasters like wildfires. These uncontrollable walls of flame are natural occurrences that help rejuvenate forest soils and promote the growth of healthier and stronger plant species, according to a report by meteorology information site AccuWeather about wildfires. However, these fires can sometimes spread to areas with residential and commercial properties and cause serious property damage.

Property Damage and Coverage Woes

In light of stronger and larger wildfires recently, some insurers outright denied policy renewals for clients who lived in areas they thought were too risky, according to an article from The Los Angeles Times about the California fire disasters. It cited data from the California Department of Insurance that found that the number of people living near wildlands complaining about their insurance getting dropped more than tripled from the years 2010 to 2016. It also claimed that concerns over increased premiums had a 217% spike from the same range.

Leading the Fight for Proper Compensation

Firms like Haffner Law understand that valid property damage claims from disasters like wildfires should not be denied by any insurer. This is why it provides legal representation for people who want to fight for compensation for their damaged property. The firm is experienced in handling insurance cases involving damaged homes, businesses, and motor vehicles. Haffner Law is always ready to review its clients’ case, no matter what kind of property was involved.

The firm also deals with property damage caused by another person’s carelessness. Haffner Law recommends filing these types of lawsuits, whether it’s wrought on by an insurer or other people’s negligence, immediately. The reason being the state of California’s statute of limitations for property damage cases is only three years from the date of damage. This is why the firm offers free consultations, so new clients can get their case evaluated by an experienced attorney immediately.

About Haffner Law

Haffner Law’s trial attorneys are experienced in handling personal injury, auto accident, and bad faith insurance cases. The firm has been helping California residents get the compensation they deserve for over 20 years now. Haffner Law has gained the trust of its clients because of its aggressive and reliable legal representation.

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