The Breitling collection of watches is a big presence in the industry. Its very market share is a huge deal when compared to other industry giants at the moment. The brand has had a long-running history of delivering giant and massive timepieces that drip of testosterone. This image has often led people to believe that Breitling only manufactured men-centric watches. This is also true to a certain extent. The Navitimer has for long been the face of men’s aviation watches. The timepiece was a bang back when it was launched in 1952 and it is still a bang today.

What people do not realize is that Breitling is a brand that has quite a big reputation for men-centric timepieces. And why wouldn’t it? The very foundation of the brand has been built on tough aviation watches that defined the latter half of the 20th century. But it is also true that Breitling watches for women have acquired a large share of most of the brand’s popular collections. Let us dig a little deeper and find out about these watches.

Navitimer Automatic 41

The Navitimer is a prime-time timepiece of the Swiss watchmaker. In a history that is over a century long, Navitimer 1 is the brand’s longest-running collection. That is probably why its core design has not been changed even remotely. The foundations of this watch had been laid down in 1952 and they have remained the same ever since. Most of the collection’s reputation has come from iconic men’s watches but it is about time that people realize that the Navitimer 1 family hosts some excellent women’s watches as well.

Navitimer Chronograph 41

The Breitling Navitimer Chronograph is essentially a slightly upgraded version of the previous watch. Along with an automatic movement, the watch also offers a chronograph function. This is Breitling’s way of adding masculine energy to the feminine vibe of women. Not a bad thought at all.

Navitimer Automatic 38

The Navitimer 38 Automatic is the smaller and more petite cousin of the Automatic 41. At 38mm, the watch is much more subtle and easier to pull off. This is way more ideal as per social norms of tiny women’s watches.

Aviator 8 Automatic Day/Date 41

The Aviator collection made its debut in 2018 with an array of watches that had the same aesthetics and functionality of the Navitimer 1 collection, but then some more. The collection also hosts some fantastic women’s timepieces that do justice to the division.

Superocean Heritage B20 Automatic 42

The Superocean Heritage collection is known globally for its staple design and built. The elements used in the watch are classy to the point that it overtook the original Superocean collection in terms of popularity. The women’s watches in the brand’s catalogue are home to some wonderful Superocean Heritage references. Along with some really fascinating complications, the collection is also known for its use of the in-house calibre Breitling 20.

There are plenty of more references that can be talked about here. Nonetheless, it should be clear by now that a brand that is usually known for its masculine watches, also produces some of the best lady’s watches around.

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